About Us

Why Phonics By Spelling?: 

The sounds and the letters making each sound are taught through music and pictures. This creates a road map of phonics, making it easier for adults to help children learn to read.   

If we only teach the short vowel sounds and main letters sounds, children can only sound out about 55 of over 200 of the most frequent words used in the English language, so our program teaches all 44 phonetic sounds.


Nada’s secondary education goals were interrupted many years ago to work full-time to support her husband achieving his degree.  She then became a stay at home mom, raising 4 children.  The opportunity finally arose for her to complete her Early Childhood and Elementary Teaching Degree in 1993 from Weber State University, after which she taught in the public and private sector for the next several years. When her oldest grandchild needed a more favorable preschool situation, Nada established a home preschool that she has continued to run for more than 10 years.  It’s her preschool that has provided her inspiration and laboratory for developing her Phonics By Spelling curriculum.  Nada is the proud mother of 4, and grandmother of 12 – most of whom have attended, or will attend, her preschool at one time or another. 


CharRee is a mother of 6 with wonderful, creative abilities with watercolor.  She gives the characters for the sounds a loveable and relatable quality.  Her images make the phonics come alive.